7th League vs. Randburg

7th League vs. Randburg

Herkie's first match as a league player was against Modderfontein's number 3. He lost the first but his game was a spot better than his opponent. He took the second and third and unfortunately his opponent suffered an injury and had to withdraw from the last game. 3 - 1 win. 

Brennan played at number 1 and in true Brennan style took it to a 5 setter to take it 3 - 2 for a win. 

Paul had a good start at number 2 taking the first. His opponent came back to take the second. Paul came back to take the second and third for a great victory. 3 - 1

Steph playing in his patented number 4 spot took the first in great style. His opponent picked it up and took the second. Steph fought back to make it 2 - 1. His opponent not wanting to lose came back and took the fourth.  We cheered as hard as we could but Steph lost the fifth 2 - 3

Our opponents ditched us for dinner but we sat down for some steak egg and chips at the bar. 


Overall result: Won 14 - 7

Last weeks report - 7th A League vs. Randburg (aka. The Who?!)

A warm welcome to the two new members of our club, Ben Veldsman and Herkie Sandenberg – some of you might have encountered them in the Handicap tournament already. They have been slotted into the 7thleague team as well as our new team members Brennan Babb and Lyal White. We wish you success in your new team and squash family.

This was not the way things were supposed to start – no COTY nomination for my motivational speech – no e-mail from John about the first game of the season (sent but not received) – no website entries on ezscoreboard to confirm match arrangements or even who the opposing team comprised…oh yes!…what team?…”The Who” that’s who!

Our team pitched - ready for battle – waited – waited a bit longer – phoned – left message – waited for the return call “Oh no, we haven’t managed to put a team together yet” was the belated reply.

We had this problem with Randburg two years ago when they couldn’t put a team together and had to withdraw from the league mid-season. So hats-off to our chairman who manages to get it all together (in time) so that Chamber Exiles is represented and that our proud name is not dragged through the mud. Here, here John!

So, with the absence of our opposition, we set about having a practice – Brennan chased Paul, Steph chased Herkie, Brennan chased Gary, Gary chased Ben, Herkie chased Brennan and Gary & Ben tried some drills with some help from Chris but we still managed to stuff them up.

Report from Lyal in the US – “Don't despair, I am in training having just emerged undefeated at the Phoenix Open - squash not golf - and firmly committed 2013 to the year of squash “.

All in all, a pretty good sweat and team introduction.

My latest update (Thursday) from John is “Gary, I just had a call from Harry Goslett of Randburg apologizing profusely for the no-show. Apparently their 8th lge side from last year got promoted and didn’t realise that they had shifted to a Tuesday match. “

Not quite sure what to make of this but I have opted to schedule a re-match in the interests of squash – the team has mixed feeling about this but I maintain that winning isn’t everything – 16 points might boost our standing but maintaining dignity and pride and keeping your chin up might be more valuable at the end-of-the-day. So – yes they screwed-up but that doesn’t mean we can’t give somebody the chance to redeem themselves.

Motivational Quote: - “If you are on the battlefield and the opposition doesn’t show – doesn’t mean you can’t turn on your own!”


Match result: 0 – 0 (but watch this space)