4th A vs Wanderers

Dave went on first against an hard hitting an aggressive opponent, fought back well to win a hard fought match 3-1,

Vevek went on next, won the 1st easily and the next two fairly narrowly for a comfortable 3-0 victory.

Ryan went on next against Hillario., did not play his usual hard hitting aggressive game, levelled the match at 1-1 but went down quite easily at the end 3-1.

It was then left to Flip to get at least one game to win tie, he could not get going against a very hard hitting and determined opponent, got to 13 points in two games but could not finish and lost 3-0.

The match was decided by a points countdown, and after two re-counts the final result was that we lost by one point. It was hard to believe that we eventually lost a match that looked very difficult to lost after the first two match results.


Ryan lost 1-3
Vevek won 3-0
Dave won 3-1
Flip lost 0-3

Match ended equal matches and games, won by Wanderers by 1 point.

Overall result: Lost 7 – 9