4th B (in name only) vs Randburg

Randburg had won 16-0 against CCJ the previous week so maybe we were up against it a bit. We were missing our 1 and 2 from last week as well as The King was overseas conquering the Yorkshire Open and Rich was not allowed “out to play” as his wife had organised a dinner evening – ON A TUESDAY RICH – 2nd COTY NOMINATION for the team (the first being The King for losing the 5th from 14-9 up last week.
The first three Randburg players to arrive were Phil Rainbow, Sven van Rie and Jay-Lee and none of them were playing No 1. Yes we were in trouble.
Kyle on first against Phil for his 1st league match and sneaked the first game 16-14. Phil upped his game a notch and took the next three all by very close margins. A good performance from Kyle who never stopped running but a 3-1 loss.
Next on Ron against Jay. Jay was too fit and too fast and although Ron sneaked the 3rd game the effort was too much and the 4th was easy for Jay. 3-1 loss.
Next was the match of the night with Nick taking on Sven (the best referee in the world). Phil bravely volunteered to referee the match and everything went swimmingly for Sven until a “questionable call” (in his opinion) went against him and things started to go down-hill. The match swung each way with Sven getting more and more annoyed (with himself, the ref, Nick, the World). Then at 13-13 in the 5th Sven hit the tin and Nick shouted to try and pump himself up. Sven didn’t like that and had harsh words. Nick won the last point and then the fireworks started. Fisticuffs were just avoided, tempers calmed down and apologies ensued from all parties.
The last match was a non-event with nothing to play for and the Silver Fox being beaten convincingly by a young runner, Craig. Down 0-3

So an interesting evening saw a 5-14 loss. But we’re still above the “A” team.

Overall result: Lost 5 – 14