11th LEAGUE vs Wits

Chambers lectured them in performance and served up a 12/4 thrashing to the visitors.

Brian in No. 1 playing like a demon possessed - out-played and dominated his opponent giving him a 3 / 0 lesson in squash he’ll never forget. Score 45 /20.

Paddy in No. 2 had a very easy win at 3/0. He didn’t even need to hit the ball or work up a sweat – his opponent failing to arrive on court. Score 45 / 0

John at No. 3 struggled against a real hard hitter and went down sweating to lose 0/3. Score 24/45

Des at No. 4 was the star of the match. At 2/1 up he looked as if he might run out of steam in the 4th game , but trying to save his reputation he dug deep and found the extra energy to take the 4th game to win the match 3/1. Score 56/40.

Final Score – Chambers win 12/4.

Well done again.

John Ferrington.

Final result : 12 - 4