5thth League vs Dainfern

Flip kicked off against Lucy, one of two ladies in the Dainfern side. Feeling the after effects of an injury, Flip played a blinder and actually admitted that not being able to run as he normally does he was forced to hit where his opponent was not. Quite an admission to make as I thought that was the whole aim of squash all along! We have also taken note of Flip’s strategy of arriving early when none of his teammates were there so that he could play at four, against his captain’s orders! (3-0)

Chris v H on next against next against Mark and fortunately Mark was still suffering the ill effects of a heavy weekend and Chris was able to take the first game quite comfortably. From then on the going got a lot tougher as our man Chris battled to stay in touch, but to no avail. (1-3)

Richard on next at three against the Tony, the mobile chicane. Rich should have won both the opening games but only took the second. Once again his poor run of form continued losing the next two for a very disappointing loss. (1-3)

And so to our new number two, Ryan, against the other lady in their side (Sharon). Let’s just say that there was a reason that Dainfern’s ladies side won the 1st league. Sharon was able to out run, out muscle and ultimately out play Ryan. Ryan never stopped running though in a hugely entertaining match but what ever he tried came back with interest. The final game must be a nominee for game of the year with Ryan having at least four game point points but it was Sharon who eventually prevailed 21-19. Hard to believe that after such a momentous effort Ryan came away with less than the rest of his team mates. (0-3)

Match result : 5 - 12