3rd LEAGUE vs Bryanston Sports

We played at Bryanston, Volker played 2nd league, but they were home too. So Volker was there, Bert was there, and Mike was there. Just like the good old days. (Even Jono was there, but playing 2nd too.) Bert & Mike had some friendly banter off the court and luckily they didn’t play each other – last time they played nearly ended in fisticuffs.

Francis played first against Peter. They played both times last year too. But Francis was too sharp, makes it look so easy, and had a comfortable 3-0 win.

Willem played next against John. John had great shots, hard and low which caught Willem a lot, but didn’t have the legs to go with the shots. So Willem ran him tired and he started making mistakes. Maybe those fitness sessions are starting to pay off. Willem also won 3-0.

Mike played next against Mike. Was struggling a bit and was 1-2 down. But managed to hold on and come out on top. 3-2.

Gary played last against (boom boom) Bert. I don’t know if it was the ball or the court or a combination but the ball was skidding a lot. And Boom Boom did. He hit the ball so hard it was just shooting to the back and dying. Gary had no answer until well into the 3rd. Managed to hold on and keep Bert running and won the 3rd. Now it was 1-2. Next 2 were Gary’s with Bert getting progressively more tired.

At least our results are getting better each week. We need to work our way to the top.

(Willem, Mike and Gary are sitting on 50% win; Francis has dropped 2 games in 4 matches.)

Francisco: 3-0

Mike: 3-2

Willem: 3-0

Gary: 3-2

Match Result: 164