11th LEAGUE vs Wits

Having given the Wits "A" team a thorough hiding two weeks ago we arrived at Wits expecting an easy night. Surprise, surprise! That internationally renowned seat of learning may graduate world-class doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. but they have no idea how to grade squash teams. This "B" team would thump their "A" team.

Brian at No1 played first - easily taking the first two games (15/8 and 15/8) The young, fit student then made a come-back taking the next two games (5/15; 12/15). A very tired Brian in true Swieger's fashion and determination gave it everything and fortunately the young whipper-snapper lost his cool with himself and allowed Brian to take the fifth 15/12.

Bob (first match this season) played next at No3. The rust showed as he hardly saw the ball losing the first game 6/15. Took a deep breath and the second game 15/6, lost the third 11/15 but realised that the young student also had an immature squash mind and was starting to lose his cool so Bob used this to advantage and won the fourth game 15/13 and at 14 all in the fifth looked absolutely whacked but asked for a let (some might have given it - but it wasn't justified) at which the student really threw his toys out and gave Bob the set by smashing the ball in anger into the tin a few times. Result 17/15 to Bob!

Geoff at No3 was next up. Poor old Geoff, looked just that OLD! He never got going in the first losing 6/15. Made a better effort in the second but lost it 14/16 and faded badly in the third losing 12/15.

Des to play. I must mention here that the 11th League Disciplinary Committee is to review the Captain's report and it is highly likely that Des will be summoned to a hearing having totally disregarded his C-A-P-T-A-I-N's order to play at No3 and refused to play unless he played at No4. That is the C-A-P-T-A-I-N's position!!

Nevertheless, at 6/7 in games in Wits favour it was essential that Des won. He was also up against a determined young student and took the first two games 16/14 and 15/9. We thought it was al over but, wait, the kid struck back taking the next two games 11/15 and 11/15. I must say we were worried as Des was pretty tired and the kid hardly sweating! But, again, old head was too strong for the immature student mind and Des won the final game 15/9.

Result in games - Chamber 9 and Wits "B" 9 and points - Chamber 226 and Wits 230.

The three wins gave us a 12/9 win.

Final result : 12 - 9