4th LEAGUE vs Old Eds

‘Twas a quiet night at the Chamber. Dave, Trevor and John were there at 6.30 but no opposition and absolutely nobody else playing. Then a desperate phone call from Dave Lazer – we’ve got the wrong venue, we’re all at Eds. Well should we take a walkover or wait. In sporting Chamber fashion we waited and when they eventually arrived, use two courts (we could have used all five).

Dave and the Silver Fox John went on simultaneously. Dave came off very quickly after getting a lesson from a youngster a third of his age (he’s going to be a good player, apparently his brother plays 1st league).

Silver Fox against Rob Halstead found himself 9-0 in the first game before Rob woke up. With the PARS scoring I couldn’t lose from there (but I did try to). Rob won the second after a lapse but the next two were fairly comfortable – 3-1 win.

Jeff on against Toby. This had a 5-setter written all over it before the start – neither of them know when to give up. And true enough a 5-setter it was, with Toby snatching it 15-13 in the 5th.

So to our match saver of last week, we needed a win from Trevor playing Wayne. Trevor won the first, but the 5-setter of the previous night kicked in and Trevor’s legs gave way. A 1-3 loss. Both players recommended that the marker wore glasses in future (Wayne was warned twice for excessive sarcasm towards the marker) – however I’m comfortable in the knowledge that I’ve never given a bad call in my life, and never will.

We should have taken the walk-over!!!!!!!!!!!

Match result : 6 - 13