7th League vs. Jeppe

7th League played against Wits and we had a good win at 13-6. The Wits players all in the early 20’s looking trim and fit with an average BMI (Body Mass Index for Stuart’s knowledge) of about 0.000001

First up at No 4 was Stuart “I must play more” Vey. I think the 19 year old student was completely bamboozled when Stuart squeezed his stomach 3 times and was not able to focus on the game after that. Too much experience there and Stuart took the game 3-0.

Jacques played next at No 3 and showed some real mettle when at 2 all took the last game 15-11 to win 3-2. He will however have to face a straff dop for disappearing like the great Houdini after the match. (Can somebody tell Udo that Jacques has left the building…………)

Manie played next at No 2 against a fellow from Durban and all (Dhiren Pharboo). Manie was unstoppable and the sounds emanating from the court next door (was playing myself at the time) sounded like a sugar cane lorry on a downhill dirt road in KZN……..

Gerhard was up against Dylan at No 1(he had a 20 year old girlfriend as a supporter and clearly tried to impress her with his mobility on the court). I believe he is still running and somebody must switch off the lights and tell him to go home. I manage to pull a game back after being down at 2-0 but in the 4th slipped on something and realized it is my tongue!!!!! . I lost 3-1 and Manie straffed me and appointed me scribe for the next match. Until next week………..

Match score: 13-6