8th League “A” vs. Pirates

This is a sad neck of the woods. Located in the middle of nowhere with dirty, run down courts with ceiling boards missing and semi lit showers that hardly work. But their side is strong and will take some beating this year. They cleaned up the snotsniverlers two weeks ago and we were no different.

At no 1 Bruce B put up a good struggle but faded 1 -- 3.

Likewise Paul Fallon at no 3. Went down 2 -- 3.

George at No 4 embarrassed himself and dragged our name through the mud, losing 3 zip to Piet who we've regularly whipped over the years.

Then came man of the match Mark V N at # 2 with an excellent game, winning 3 -- 2 from 2 down.

So overall 6 -- 14 down and back to the drawing board.

Match score: 6 - 14