9th LEAGUE vs Alberton

Last week was Alberton 05 team away and this week it was Alberton 04 team at home. We’d seen the 04 team demolish their opponents when we played last week so were up for a tough couple of games. They made it after getting lost for a few turns and seeing some of the sights available north of Voortrekker Street.

No. 3 Lyal vs Lizel: Lyal was making weak excuses about having to leave early to entertain more important people so he got to go on first against Lizel sporting a pink skirt (Lizel sporting the skirt that is, not Lyal – although sometimes we wonder…). The first game of the evening was a marathon with Lyal obviously bedazzled by the pink skirt ‘cause he lost. Next game was close too, but went the right way despite some deviousness and general good play by the lady (Lizel the lady that is, not Lyal – although sometimes we wonder…). Having managed to concentrate on the game and not the opponent, Lyal kept on improving and won the next two to take the match.

No. 1 Brennan vs Harry: Playing at the same time as Lyal was Brennan on the other court. Unfortunately I was marking and missed this game because by all accounts it was something to behold. There have been shorter cricket test matches. Brennan has made a habit of playing five setters and this was no exception. If there ever was a classic squash game, this would be it with the advantage swinging first one way and then the other. After the third game Brennan was 1-2 down and managed to catch his breath for long enough to tell me that all was fine on the western front because he’d figured out his opp’s game plan. And so it would appear because he won the next two games and the match – not before taking both games to 15-13 though. So he emerged victorious after 1hr10mins while actually getting fewer points than his opponent. The intention is to let him stay on a winning streak, but aim more towards the less epic 3-0 wins.

No. 4 Steph vs Corne: Monday evening saw Steph pitch up for a game but then leave before getting court time because he’d packed his son’s shorts in his tog bag. Thankfully, this time he had full size pants for the outing. I was marking this game as well, but should have kept my distance. Gave a game point call against Steph in the first game and boy-o-boy was I in the poo. Marking aside, the first two games didn’t go well for Steph. He came back in the third though and his opponent looked to be tiring. Unfortunately not enough to let Steph take the match to five sets.

No. 2 Nigel vs William: I was keen to get back on form, but it’ll have to wait a little longer because the game was full of loose shots and lots of tin. Luckily my opponent was a smoker and allowed me to take the match in four games despite some frankly cr*p squash. Hopefully the quality improves from here on in.

All in all a good result against tough opponents followed by some decent grub at Lapa Fo (not to mention milkshakes – yes milkshakes – as ordered by certain un-named parties).


No. 1 Brennan won 3-2: 11-15, 16-14, 10-15, 15-13, 15-13

No. 2 Nigel won 3-1:15-13, 10-15, 15-13, 15-12

No. 3 Lyal won 3-1: 16-18, 16-14, 15-12, 15-12

No. 4 Steph lost 1-3: 8-15, 5-15, 17-15, 12-15

Final result :13 - 7