8th League “A” vs. Pirates

A hatrick, 3 wins in a row! Can this be sustained I hear the crowd cry. We darn well hope so.

On goes Mark who nose something about his Israeli opponent’s fitness and skilfully wears out Asaf. Mark wins in five and proves men can multi-task as between games he re tied his son, Stephen’s shoes, fixed his hung computer game, adjusted his t-shirt, performed a short counselling session and explained why it was taking so long.

Michael, not playing his best squash recently, maintained his crap form for the first two games. Starring a defeat down the barrel, he changed his game plan; afterwards this was found not to be true because he never had a game plan in the first place! A combination of deft shots, a plan and whingeing at the marker(s) ensured the next three games went the way of the older experienced player. Back to the marking and Michael has recommended two prime candidates for the marking course to be held at the mid season break. Namely, the Chamber Exiles marker who shall remain nameless (the whingeing was fallon on deaf ears) for giving a time ball on game point and the opposition marker who shall also remain nameless (the kippah must have obscured his vision) for not giving lets that would clearly have resulted in decapitation of the opponent had the shot been followed through.

Bruce who could not take the conflict occurring through the glass opted to play on court three and promptly demolished Peter. This was sweet revenge for the hiding he received during their last meeting. Brucie, you have improved!

A 16 pointer in the bag; over to Paul. Alas only 14 as the ding dong affair had Paul falling at the final bell. An extremely long match (one game going to 21) that nearly caused the rest of the team to miss a smashing nosh at Dopio Zero with Captain George who had put in a 10 km run earlier. He, Bruce and Graham of snotsnivler fame have confirmed entries for the New York marathon on November 1st. Rumour has it that Paul and Mark have also entered; awaiting wild card status, thus leaving Michael back in South Africa to pick up the 8th league winners cup!

Squash Tip of the Week

Triple D. Squash is a tactical game and an opponent’s superior fitness can often be overcome by a good tactical player. Create Doubt through Delay and Deception.

#1: Bruce vs. Peter, 3-0: 15-8, 16-14, 15-13

#2: Mark vs. Asaf, 3-2: 15-13, 13-15, 15-12, 12-15, 15-6

#3: Paul vs. Volker: 2-3: 15-13, 9-15, 16-14, 19-21, 13-15

#4: Michael vs. John: 3-2: 13-15, 14-16, 15-8, 15-5, 15-12

Match score: 14 - 7