10th OMT (Old Mans Team) vs Hope SC

We went to the UJ campus in Doornfontein. Brian being unavailable to play (sick, lame and/or lazy) managed to persuade our FD Paddy to stand in for him. BAb gave notice that he might be late, as he had a meeting at the Bryanston CC in the afternoon and then another at Wanderers only starting at 5:30! (Bad planning BAb……….)

So, when I got to HSC late, having sat in Joe Slovo Drive south for 30 minutes because the robot at Abel Road was out of action (again/still @#$%^%$#$%^%$# according to the traffic reports) I was informed by Paddy & Des (as they were both walking onto courts to play) that they were playing in # 2 & #3 positions respectively…….. 

So this is was the CONSPIRANCY referred to by the captain in yesterday’s correspondence.Brian is our undisputed #1. Thanks Brian. Keith is our (disputed by him) #2. Thanks Keith. Paddy & Des are our (disputed) interchangeable #s 3 & 4. BAb & JohAn (#72) are our (disputed) interchangeable #s 5 & 6. John is our (undisputed) #7. This means that Paddy & Des should have played @ #1 and #2 on the night because Brian & Keith were not there. Clearly. Now it was decision time for me. Do I play @ #1 as instructed or allow the captain that privilege? Well……….. knowing full well that there would be disciplinary consequences instituted by the captain should he be irrationally and unfairly forced to play @ #1 in which position he would probably lose, I therefore chose to play @ #4 just in time as BAb walked in (very late) just as I walked on to the court. Final written warnings will be issued today by the captain to Paddy & Des for this manipulation and insubordination which will not be tolerated in this team. Hahaha.

Turning now to the games (phew – at last!)     

Ø  Paddy & Des played at the same time at #2 & #3 against Lawrence & Ashley.
·         Paddy had a close 1st game, getting all the way up to 13 points. But trying as hard as he did, Paddy could not get a game however mustering a useful 12 & 11 points in the 2nd & 3rd games - 0/3 down  
·         Des only got 7 points in the 1st, but got going in the 2nd to take it 15-12. Went down in the 3rd 12-15 but klapped Ashley 15-7 in the 4th. So down to the wire we went and when it really mattered Des could only manage 6 points in the 5th2/3 down

Ø  JohAn at #4 played young David and only conceded 9,5 & 4 points against a weaker opponent. 3/0 up

Ø  BAb at #1 was rattled by his late arrival under much pressure as he had to get changed quickly and get straight onto court with Prosper impatiently waiting for him already warmed up and ready to play. So BAb only got 5 points in the 1st & 8 in the 2nd. Just when BAb was warming up and getting into his stride the match was over at 10-15 in the 3rd0/3 down. PS: BAb told us afterwards that he didn’t even know which position he was playing in………..just as well hahaha

Off to the Troyeville Hotel (again) all four of us for another pleasant, talkative dinner.

Overall result: Lost 5 – 12