6th A vs Modderfontein

First objective was to find Modderfontein before midnight – we all failed and seemed to get lost somewhere on route – Modder thumped us in 1st round and were 2nd on the ladder

  1. Third time the “chairman” has played for us, one win and one loss, odds are he should be able to win another. On against Arnie who has a slight reach advantage (problem for John’s lobs)Wins the 1st , loses the second and the third works hard to get the 4th – has his opponent on the ropes and manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory 14-16 down in the 5th . 2-3 to the bad guys (an important 2 we learn later)

  1. On at 3 against Sean its GG – lost the 1st, won the second, lost the 3rd, won the 4th and also tried to snatch defeat but was lucky it went the other way 15-10 in the 5th. 3-2 to the good guys.

  1. MissingG was busy on the other court at no 4 against Byron – romped home in the 1st 15-4 and then started missing his legs, lungs and head (you need to practice missingG) and lost the next 3. 1-3 to the bad guys.

  1. Was this going to be a repeat of the 1st round? GBow on at 2 against Vaughn. Had to win this 3-0 but never told that to Gbow (does not like too much pressure). First game to Gbow with mistakes from Vaughn, Gbow kept up the pressure and forced more mistakes and took the next 2 games (Vaughn a bit miffed that match point was a stroke but that’s how it goes) Fantastic win Gbow 3-0 to the good guys.

Match 11-8 and a good supper at the Modder club…………….then got lost trying to find the road out of Modder (never follow the Chairman after he’s had a few beers)

Overall result: Won 11 - 8