4th A vs Parkview

Ryan was up first tonight. After asking Ryan NICELY not to lose to a female he went ahead and lost. He did however lose in 5 and as we are near the business end of the season all games count!! After being 2 down a decent comeback was in place however he just fell short in the 5th!!

I,Substitute- vs. Ryan,Chegwidden-
15-10 15-13 9-15 12-15 15-11

Captain Vevek was on next. A little rusty after “resting” himself last week in the spirit of good sportsmanship. Glimpses of the excellent form we have seen this season were noted however he could not CLOSE!! Down 3-1 leaving Chris and Andrew to clean up the mess!!!

I,Substitute- vs. Vevek,Iyer-
15-9 7-15 15-9 15-9

Chris was on next – a battle of chirping and mild temper against this frustrating Graham Page character!! Clearly the Nelspruit festivities did not take their toll on Chris as he played well for a CRUCIAL 3-1 victory and keep the team in the tie!! Well done Chris. (especially after a tough Nelspruit weekend)

Chris,van Heeswijk- vs. Graeme,Page-
15-12, 15-11, 19-21, 15-10.

It was left up to Andrew to secure the team victory and only being allowed to drop one game. And after all his chirping of Ryan, his opponent arrived late and SUPRISE SURPRISE it was another FEMALE!!! Parkview clearly recruiting well in that department. After some initial bumping and grinding, it came together in patches. At the end of the day Andrew snatched a 3 – 1 victory and the tie was won.

Andrew,McKeaveney- vs. Bongi,Seroto-
16-14 15-12 8-15 15-6

A very good 11 – 8 victory for the team after being 2 – 0 down!!  

Overall result: Won 11 - 8