10th YMT (Young Mans Team) vs Modderfontein

We played Modderfontein at home and they arrived with only player 1 & 2.

Our number 1 - Juan-Philip won 3-0
Warwick lost in number 2 – 3-2

For number 3 & 4 to also have some exercise we played there number 1 against our number 3, Richard lost 3-0
Matium then played their number two in number 4 position and won 3-2

As the rules state you cannot play down or play twice the scores for number 3 & 4 will be recorded as 3-0 Chambers. (Chairmans note: rumour had it that these matches were going to be allowed to count so a points count out ensued – as this was against the league leaders a COTY nomination was in the offing but apparently sanity prevailed!!!!)

So overall win: 14-3

Overall result: Won 14 - 3