6th B vs Jeppe

Mid-season break had come to an end and we were looking to reap the rewards of having kept our skills sharp with several of the team having taken part in the LL tournament. Unfortunately, Jeppe had also had a couple of players in the tournament – and had done better than us, even boasting the overall winner of the B section, Warren.

With this in mind, Danie set about taking on Warren to prove that the tournament win had been a fluke. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. Warren screamed away with it in the first two with some good length and clandestine drops. Danie turned the screws a bit in the 3rd and took a good game. One sensed that Warren’s legs weren’t going to go the distance. Fatigue was setting in and there was a lot of man-flesh on court with the marker being given plenty to do. Warren had just enough gas in the tank to close out the game though. Lost 1-3.

Then Mark was up against Kent – the latter having beaten Louis in the LL tournament in an epic match. This one looked to be consigned to obscurity as Mark was taken apart in the first and then lost the second, but staged a fightback of note which elevated the match status back to the realms of epicness. First he clawed back to 1-2, then 2-2, but it looked to be in vain as he was 8-12 down in the last game. Not to be – Mark chased down everything and closed out with a 16-14 win. Won 3-2.

Then Bruce vs the tricky Chris. First game was close with Bruce edging it 17-15. Second game also close with Chris edging it 15-13. Then it was one-way traffic as superior fitness proved decisive and only 8 more points were lost as Bruce cruised to victory. Won 3-1.

Finally Louis vs Wayne:  make or break for the team. Wayne easily won the opener, but was pushed to the wall (I suppose it’s squash and being pushed to the wall is somewhat of a misnomer) in the second, winning 16-14. Fate was an unkind mistress though and Louis had to retire after an ankle injury. Lost 0-3.

So Jeppe took the evening. A Pirates dinner followed – incestuous things, these squash clubs…

Overall result: Lost 7 - 11