6th B vs Pirates

Disappointing week at the courts which we need to turn around to stay in touch with the top half of the league table.

Bruce vs Ian: After a bit of a clobbering in the first game, Bruce came back strongly to take the second. This inspired his opponent to sharpen up though and Bruce never had another look-in. Lost 1-3.

Nigel vs Ginge: Ouch – painful to watch. Despite Ginge playing some good length, he should never have been given the latitude to dictate the game as he did. Nigel all over the show on the night and was comprehensively drilled. Lost 0-3.

Mark vs Ron: A tricky opponent saw Mark quickly down two games, but bursting back to take the third. With the oppo’s legs beginning to tire, we thought there may be another famous Mark comeback in the offing. He came close at 13-15 in the fourth, but was frustratingly short – not his best squash. Lost 1-3. (The Nelspruit weekend effect)

Danie vs Anthony: Finally Danie playing out of his customary position, hoping to salvage a modicum of pride for the team. Clinical he was and, despite some hurtful words from Anthony, mopped the floor with an easy victory. Won 3 – 0.

Overall result: Lost 5 - 12