6th B vs Northcliff

Despite playing some pretty handy squash, we were soundly undone by a Northcliff side who were a smidgeon handier on the night. 

We were a little short staffed due to injuries in the squad and drafted in Mark Shaw to assist. For his sins he was on first against Kevin. First two games had Kevin dropping tightly to wrest a cushion. But the ball warmed up some thereafter and Mark found some length and read Kevin’s play to take it to 2 games apiece. Kevin had enough in him to take the final game after a hard fight (figuratively). Lost 2-3.

Then Nigel against Deon: marker’s nightmare as there was plenty of argy-bargy on court during the first two games from both players, each ending up with a game. Things settled down thereafter (with apologies to the marker being made) as the business of tough, running squash was established. No point given easily. No effort left unmade. Next two games were shared to take it to 2-2 once again, but outward appearances intimated that Deon had run his course. However, he came up with some quality shots in the final game to eek out a 6 point lead. The comeback was on though, until it wasn’t… Final game ending 15-13 to Deon. Lost 2-3.

Mark van Niekerk then played against Pieter who had had a slow season due to injury. Pieter picked this week to put in a tour de force showing though and was apparently moving around the court much better than any previous games in the season. And with crisp, clean shots to boot. Not good news for Mark who tried to find a chink in the armour, but was denied at all turns. Lost 0-3.

Then finally Danie, who has been our go-to guy to avoid the 16 pointers, against Will. It looked as if he would once again save face for the team as he cruised to a very easy 2-0 lead, while Will milled around on court looking miles out of the game. Something massive changed in the third though as Will picked himself up about 70 notches and came flying back into the match. The complete reversal saw Danie stunned, unable to get back his rhythm and was out of it for the remainder of the match. Lost 2-3.

Much effort put in and few points to show for it. So we rounded it off with some pizza at Lucios. And maybe a beer or two.

Overall result: Lost 6 - 16