9th League vs. Modderfontein

Time for a match report! So here goes, but to be fair we have to start at last Sunday:

Leslie and I played for the customary R20, best out of five. Now, you just don't get into the Small Business of the Year competition if forward planning is not part of your skill set. So, Leslie - ever focused on the possibility of his son arriving earlier than expected – twisted his ankle in the third or fourth game, having already fallen behind and needing an excuse to spend Wednesday evening with the mother-to-be rather than with the Titans. And I probably won't see the twenty bucks because he spent it on Gerda while the rest of us were ploughing in Modder…

So, Willie stood in for Leslie after a long recovery from a hip injury that somehow never bothered him when ripping up the Alberton Koppies with his CRF230. Unfortunately, humble as ever, Vincent offered to take the 4th spot so that Willie instantly found himself up against Ismael at No 3. Or perhaps the wily Vincent's motivation was that he could play against the jong bokkie, Candice? Either way, one match against a pre-ankle-twist-Leslie proved too little preparation for Willie and Ismael dominated the court with those dodgy wrist-twisting shots that he plays so well. Result: Willie 0 – 3 Ismael

Evolution in a Muddy Spring teaches tactical maneuvers that those of us in the civilised world would never dream of. And thus it was a nasty surprise when I was forced to step up second instead of last. The anticipated rematch against my Lower Leagues nemesis, Chris, came just that little bit too soon. From the first game we both threw everything at it that we could but Chris finally took the first game somewhere beyond 15 points. I swore it would be a fight to the death and two games later - and one game in the lead - death unfortunately seemed to both of us like a very real possibility. The fourth game went to Chris again and the games were tied. Around my throat it seemed. In the fifth, very much like in our final a week before, I had no legs, lungs or brain left and walked away with with a measly 5 points. Result: Kobus 2 – 3 Chris. BUT… Chris has not had enough yet and we exchanged numbers so that we could have another rematch. Someday… 

Vincent's game against Candice was a battle between brain and brawn, seasoned male craftiness and dogged female endurance. Young enough to be Vincent's daughter Candice ran to every corner into which Vincent's new racket sent the ball. Honour was at stake and Vincent himself surprised not only Candice, but also us who watched, by getting to a few that even our own Leslie might have given up on. In the end coaching paid off and a full repertoire of shots, sheer determination, stamina and Candice's ability to ignore or not understand Vincent's jokes on the court finally won her the match. Result Vincent 1 – 3 Candice

Back in his squash gear for the first time since our last match before the winter break and after a brief bout of bronchitis, Andy dusted off his racket, ready to dig deep. And dig he did. But… unfortunately not always deep enough or in the right place :-( He did, however, also bury a few balls in the back corners but his opponent, Piet – clearly energised by Candice's earlier performance – ran for everything and did some digging of his own, unfortunately for us… more successful. Andy is now angry, so we can expect to see him on court on days other than Wednesdays – we hope! Result: Andy 0 – 3 Piet

Overall result: Lost  3 - 16