10th OMT (Old Mans Team) vs Hope SC

Brian was sick, lame and/or lazy but managed to persuade Keith to play for him. Thanks Keith. BAb was France getting ready to sail down some river in his yacht. Lucky fish. Paddy was in the fairest Cape. Lucky fish. Johnny called in to say that he was running late but nevertheless “on his way”. We are still waiting for him…………..

So this is where the CONSPIRANCY reared its ugly head again. The deputy vice-captain Des took charge and decided to play @ # 4, below Johnny and JohAn!! For goodness sake. Reason was quickly evident though. Jeppe’ s #4 was called Janine. Attractive lady. Dimples. Freckles. Good teeth. Luscious lips. Full mouth. Great smile (which she does often/all the time). Sparkling eyes to die for. Personality. Des must have made the connection in about two minutes flat. They were sipping sherries when we got there can you believe it!  

Ø  Des played with Janine (pun intended) at # 4. He only managed 8 points in the 1st, getting a big fright. Realised he had to play this lady like a man. Went up 15 – 11 in the 2nd. Then lost all concentration (drop shots to Janine) to only get 3 points in the 3rd. Chips were down and the fight was on. Des had to take the 4th to go to 5. Alas, in a very tight 4th, Des went down 13 – 15. 1/3. Bad start.

Ø  JohAn up next @ # 3 against George, the CFO of Otis. George has very long arms. JohAn hadn’t even warmed up by the time the first two games were over, only mustering 6 and 4 points. Realised that he had to do something. Put up a great game in the 3rd only to go down 12 – 13. 0/3 down

Ø  Keith then went on against Jayson at #1. Well, if you think JohAn did badly, (see above), wait for this one………. The first two games were done even before Keith woke up! He only got 4 & 3 points. At least Keith then sort of woke up and managed a whole 11 points in the 3rd0/3 down

Ø  Johnno was now supposed to be on at #2 (see conspiracy above) but was missing in action. So Des very gamely and sportingly (for Janine’s benefit no doubt) put on an exhibition match of note with Glen which was most entertaining. They went to five, with Des starting on 8 in the 5th! W/O: 0/3 down.

Off to Doppio (as usual) all three of us and all four of them for another pleasant, talkative dinner getting to know each other.. (especially Janine……….)

Overall result: Lost 1 – 16