7th League vs. Wits

I have a love/hate attitude towards playing on two courts! I love the fact that you get done early and can enjoy an extended chow-down together – I (really) hate the fact that I don’t get to see the matches. For me, that is the team part of league nights – and let’s face it, it’s not exactly a team sport! It’s about the getting together, the banter from the cheap seats, the rallying around a player with advice & insight, the highs and lows of watching your mate win or lose and then the celebration of a night sent together.

#2 – Lyal started playing on the adjacent court to where I was marking so I never got to see his game other than the boisterous support for the opposition as he succumbed to James in the fifth hard fought battle. Lyal losing 17-15 (I think!) in the end. In Lyal’s own words” you have got to lose sometimes to remind you how good it feels to win” which I am sure will resonate deeply with all and sundry. All I can reiterate at this point is to say that a two point contribution to the night’s tally is a job well done, without the cherry on top. Sorry I missed it Lyal. (2-3)

#1 – Herkie was up against Stephen and although the first game was an up and down affair, Herkie was not looking his dominant self. His shots were very loose and he kept playing his opponent back into the game. Some sage words of advice was all that Herkie needed to just slow down a little and when under pressure just to stick to the basics and play it safe and allow the opponent to make the mistakes. Fortunately Stephen was accommodating and Herkie had no real trouble in keeping the pressure on. Herkie cleaned up and the night was his to enjoy the spoils of victory. (3-1)

#4 – Roy was true to form and declared emphatically at the start by saying (again) “I don’t care what number you are playing – I am playing YOU!” At least I know there are some things in this world that you can depend on! Roy felt that I should have a shot and revenge and redeem my pride from my first round drubbing at his hand. Fortunately for me, I had some reciprocal advice from Herkie during the breaks, who could see my pitfalls and strongly and repetitively advised against some of my stupider shots and helped steer me in the right direction towards a victory which was, indeed, very sweet! Revenge was had. (3-1)

#3 – Once again – a match that I did not witness as I was playing next door and all I saw at the very end was Brennan playing some great squash against an opponent who has some great and deceptive shots. Jaycee and Brennan were playing a cat and mouse affair but when Bren played those fine length shots there was not a lot  that a wily Jaycee cold do to respond. Brennan did have a nerve-racking slip of concentration towards the end but he quickly amended his evil ways and ended the match with one of those wonderful shots were the ball sits up and gets creamed low and hard down the back-hand wall with the opponent reaching for fresh (okay - maybe not so fresh at this point) air! Good one Bren! (3-1)

Lyal tried his underhanded tactic of getting the celebratory meal shifted from the South to somewhere closer to civilization but his cause was in vain as the Wits team have shares and girlfriends at Gino’s that need servicing and a guy’s haunt, is a guy’s haunt and sometimes you just have to know which battles are worth fighting.

For some bizarre reason the guys convinced the Gino’s staff that it was my birthday and I was presented with a bottle of Blush champagne with a sparkler and the whole gang sang happy birthday to me while I had to pretend to be excited and smile stupidly. A good night out with a reason to celebrate once more! Besides – how often do you get to celebrate your birthday twice in one year!?

Overall result: Won 14 – 6