8th League vs. Wanderers

A cold, cool night, rivalling the Chamber Ice Box and shaky showers. Mr Chairman, we have to do something.
Peter LeR arrives early (truth be known, on time!) and is playing sweetly and wins 3-0. Mike H plays on adjacent court. Yawn and a 3-0 win. Peter F wins 3-0 despite a slight wobble in the third. Looking good for a 16! Nic arrives JIT. Looses first and comes back in the second, 1 all. Looking good for a 16! Nic is determined and does not want to break his duck and win. Oops he looses the next 2 going down 1-3. It’s tough at the top.
Pizzas were had in their bar, bought by the opposition, which made them taste even better!

Squash Tip of the Week
When the opponent is behind you drop it. If in front of you knock a length.

Overall result: Won 13 - 3