6th A vs Wendywood

After this match definitely 6a in name only

Once again we had to go to the club chairman asking him to help out as our resident hypochondriac (BigG) is nursing some or other ailment. Busy thinking if it would be better to look for a substitute from the team below us as our substitutes keep on getting thrashed.
·         On at 4 Manie against one of the brothers Schorn, Billy – 10-15 , 4-15 and 2-15. Manie did want to get away early but this was crazy – one for the bad guys
·         On at 2 Gbow against the other brother Joe (has not lost this season yet) – Gbow tried to change the record books but just could not get the points when needed 13-15, 15-17 and 13-15 – another for the bad guys
·         On at 3 GG against Sergio – not sure if it was his recent trip to New York or the break but he never managed to get going 15-10, 15-8 and 17-15 for the good guys.
·         Now our esteemed chairman just had to win 3 zip against Maricus (with a reach longer than Rich’s)– the first one 15-7 (were we going to have a count out on points) next down 15-17 so no count out and Maricus just got stronger 13-15 and 12-15 – a final for the bad guys

That’s 1-3 in games and points 4-12 – not pretty

Overall result: Lost 4 - 12