11th LEAGUE vs Edenvale

Brian No1 - Brian played a very good and fit (they all were being 20-something year old students!) player. Lost the first two games very closely (10/15 and 14/16), then in true Brian fashion, dug deep and played some great squash to take the next two games 15/12 and 15/12. It looked good in the fifth but old legs lost out with Brian going down 13/15. Quite honestly it could have gone either way. Not disgraced at all.

Paddy No2 - Also up against a useful youngster but in was plain to see the maturity would be the Witsie's un-doing. Paddy lost the first game 13/15 but slowly took control and the next three games = 17/15; 15/12 and 15/12.

Des No3 - Played a glamorous medical student named Claire. She was a good player but the brute strength of Des blew her away. Des won comfortably in three.

Bob No4 - Had the easiest night of the match taking the three games with his opponent never reaching double digits.

Final result : 14 - 4