4th LEAGUE vs Southern Suburbs

Twas a cold night at the Ice Chamber. Suburbs came up from the far south and immediately started complaining about the temperature – wimps. Even Jeff said it was only a bit cold – but then he did have his army blanket round him.!!

Anyway the Silver Fox went on first, fresh from a successful Nelspruit weekend, playing against Graham Boucher also fresh from Nelspruit. The squash didn’t look fresh however and a dour boring 5-setter ensued with the Fox sneaking home in the 5th for a 3-2 win.

Phil on against a youngster showed how to demoralize the juniors with precision and power and won comfortably in 3 games.

Jeff had a toughie against Rickie who beat him 3-2 in the first round. Jeff went 2-1 up after a titanic 3rd, rested in the 4th only getting 6 points and then looked to be getting on top in the 5th. However young legs prevailed and Rickie won 15-13. Match of the night.

That left Vevek with only winning 1 game for the match. His opponent, Kurt B had been in England for 3 weeks (training at sea-level). Vevek gave him no chance with only 2 points lost in the first game. He then won the last 2 comfortably.

Its always nice to hammer Suburbs

Match result : 14 - 5