5th League vs Parkview

(4) Flip played a youngster, Armin, who had a penchant for warming up 10 shots to every one that Flip was able to hit. Warmup to Armin. By the end of the warmup Flip was mad as a snake and in the actual match it was payback time. Flip took it easily in three. Match to Flip. (3-0)

(2) Chris came up against Aiden Hannon. In the first two it looked like a mismatch with Chris snatching his shots and perfecting the art of hitting the tin with unerring accuracy. The fluency came back to Chris’ game in the third and slowly the tide turned. Anyone who knows Aiden will know that as Chris came back into the game so the chirps and challenges to the marker increased. It was all to no avail as Chris took the fifth. (3-2)

(3) Rich took on Kuben. The first was an even affair with Rich making mistakes at will. Fortunately his opponent outdid him to sneak it 16-14. The second was as close but this time Kuben pipped it 15-13. Rich finally clicked into gear and the next two were taken with relative ease. (3-1)

(1) With the match already wound up, new number 1, Dave Peacock, plumbed the depths of the 5th league against Gordon allowing our previous no 1 (Ryan) to ply his trade in the 4th league. It was whispered that Dave wanted to improve his win/loss percentage in 5th league but it proved to be anything but a breeze. Dave was completely out of it in the first two games but the third was a lot closer affair. It could have gone either way but Gordon did just enough to sneak it. (0-3)

Overall 12-6 and a welcome reversal of the first half 7-12 loss.

Match result : 12 - 6