3rd LEAGUE vs Jeppe

First round, only Mike lost (to Walter) – this time he lost to Walter again.

Trevor played 1 last time, but played 3 this time and beat Willem.

We played on 2 courts, Gary and Francis played first. Gary played Colin who’s been there club champ many times, was a top school boy etc, but hasn’t been playing so started to cramp up and let me in. Francis did his usual, against Neil this time, and won comfortably.

Willem and Mike played next. Willem played Trevor and never seemed like he was in control although came back nicely in the 2nd to win that game. But, although coming close in the next 2 games, just couldn’t win. Mike had a humdinger with Walter (one game was 22-20), but went down.

So once again, points count out. Luckily we came out on top by 10 points.

Francisco: 3-1

Mike: 2-3

Willem: 1-3

Gary: 3-2

Match Result: 11 - 9