11th LEAGUE vs UJ

Tough night for us with both Brian and Geoff (No 1's and 2's) not available. This meant we used a reserve, Mario, for the first time this season. Geoff has been awarded a contract in Mpumalanga so we are not sure if he will be playing much for the remainder of the season so we may use Mario (who is keen to play) more often.

No 1; Mario - played a very good youngster - you know the type, doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, doesn't do anything other than run around a squash court 24/7 - and put up a good fight but just not fit enough. Lost 0/3.

No 2; Des - playing an old rival, Kurt, who beat Des last time around but not this time! Des played very well to win 3/2.

No 3; Bob - also played a similarly old rival, Mondli, who beat him in the last encounters and this time the match was a lot more even but not enough steam in Bob. Lost 1/3, but look at the scores (Bob first): 15/17; 15/9; 10/15; 15/17. Truly could have gone either way!

No 4; John - fresh out of hospital having had a "jump start" to his dickey heart and us expecting him to croak on the court - we even had ER24's number in our cellphones while he was on the court and his Will in my bag, surprised us all by playing a superb game (not to mention his opponent had to be shown how to hold the racket) and winning 3/1!!

We were a tad unlucky to lose 7/9.

Final result : 7 - 11