9th LEAGUE vs Edenvale

The return leg of the Chamber-Edenvale encounter proved to be yet another bruising affair.

And without their inspiring captain, Nigel, who had taken the night off for mental and impending marital status reasons, the mighty 9th were that much more vulnerable to the Edenvale onslaught.

Phil Alves kicked off proceedings with a (at times) clinical finish. His opponent was a crafty veteran, but Phil out played him to take a 3-2 win.

Next up was Brannan Babb against the lanky, antelope/marsupial opponent - who was unrelenting in his defence and claiming of strokes and lets. It ended up being a battle of fitness and patience as Brennan slowly let it slip to a very narrow (but most entertaining) defeat of 2-3.

Two five setters in a row, made the number ones eager to do the same.

Lyal was up against an energiser sprinter - apparently a former SA/U19 100m/200m athlete....not sure what he is doing on a squash court of 10 by 10??

Anyhow, off to a good start, easily winning the first game. But the mini-sprinter clawed back and the final score was sadly another loss for the chamber (and another 5 setter), 2-3 to Edinvale.

Fate was left in the hands of our Mr. Experience - Steph.

His opponent was another one of those unrelenting sprinters. But Steph wore him out in the first two games, out playing (and thinking) his opponent to take the match 3-1. Another awesome performance from the rock-solid veteran of the side.

Final result - a VERY narrow win for the Chamber 9s!

Final result :12 - 9