9th LEAGUE vs UJ

During the first half of the season we were klapped by UJ 16-4. This was the first game of the second half of the season and we were at home. There was no way we were going to get the same treatment.

Well, we got another klap.

Nigel up first against Reedwaan. Reedwaan isn’t exactly built for speed, but his killer drop on the icy Chamber courts was too much to come back against. There were times when I could only watch from mid court as he got hit another murderous shot from somewhere at the back. Even trying to stay calm didn’t help so I’ve resolved to lose my cool at the first opportunity and bring on the poor conduct points. Thought I might’ve had a chance in the third game when the thought processes finally kicked in, but he sealed the game with another cross-court, atom’s breadth from the tin blinder.

Lyal was playing Bradley next and it was looking good in the first as he drilled everything tight down the left hand side of the court. Not quite sure what happened after that, but the wheels fell off and the chassis fell apart. Three services out of court in the second game had Lyal and the peanut gallery cursing. These get-out-of-jail free shots let Bradley back into the game and he took over from there. A rallying period in the fourth game was not enough to bring Lyal back into contention and he went down 1-3.

Brennan was up against a wily Kevin. Brennan lost in three games, but not for lack of running. I think there was more court coverage per point than any sane person would have been able to tolerate. There is the consolation that at least it was a test of fitness. Brennan is known for his epic 5 setter, and, while this was no 5 setter, there was no denying the epic-ness of the game.

Last on was Steph against Allistar, playing for personal victory and team pride. Allistar was a bit of a runner himself, but Steph was on fire – most of the time. Allistar’s loose shots were given what they deserved and Steph played some shots so tight they melded with the wall. The fourth game was a bit of a seesaw affair with Steph being comfortably ahead and then letting Allistar come back to 13 all. Then 14 all. Then 15 all. But Steph’s BMT was greased and working and he clinched the game with some great play.

So, no whitewash but a drubbing none the less. If we want a shot at the title, it’s going to have to improve


Nigel vs Reedwaan lost 0-3: 12-15, 8 -15, 15-17

Lyal vs Bradley lost 1-3: 15-9, 12-15, 10-15, 12-15

Brennan vs Kevin lost 0-3 : 6-15, 12-15, 8-15

Steph vs Allistar won 3-1 : 15-12, 15-9, 9-15, 17-15

Final result :8 - 8