3rd LEAGUE vs Parkview

We beat this Parkview side 12-6 in the first round, but got a hiding this time around.

Willem came back from overseas Mon evening and played Tues evening – played first against Henri, started strong but the battery went flat early. Maybe too much doobie in Amsterdam. First game went to 20-18 (I think).

Gary played next against Hendrik – was sitting out due to illness, but then Chris got lost in Welkom, so tried, but also no batteries. Gary managed to win the first game.

Mike played next against Ryan. Needed 3-1 or better for us to still be able to win. Was 2-1 up, but couldn’t hold on.

Francis played last against Kyle. Nothing to play for. Lost the first, but was pretty much in control for the rest. In spite of the huge support Kyle had, he just got a little too tired.

Francisco: 3-1

Mike: 2-3

Willem: 0-3

Gary: 1-3

Match Result: 6 - 13