8th League “A” vs. Edenvale

Wednesday witnessed a cold new start to the 2nd half of the season, and some hot performances on court!

The “A” team was up against Edenvale at home – on Court 1, with the snot sniveling “B” team (propped up by George) playing next door, rowdier than ever.

On first, at # 1, none other than the increasingly formidable Mark (the “German”) van Niekerk, went the distance against a tough pugilist and very intimidating squash player, Clinton. One up, then one down, Mark stepped up a gear or two in the last 2 games and sent his opponent packing with a fine 3-2 victory. It helps to dominate the “T” Mark;

Up next Bruce (“marathon man”) at # 2, takes to the court against a well skilled but visibly rusty opponent, Jeremy from Eton. No marathon for Bruce this time as he cruises to a 3-0 win in no time. The highlight of this match was the brilliant umpiring (no it wasn’t George);

Paul (Doc) Fallon up next at # 3 against the quieter of the Lawrenson brothers, Terry, a former number one who is nursing an injury which was debilitating enough to allow Paul to prance through this match quite quickly and efficiently. Another 3-0 on the card and the match in the bag already!

At # 4, Nic Papa then took on veteran Peter in an attempt to make it a clean sweep. Managed to squeak a clinical 3-0 win and have a light (lob & drop) practice at the same time.

A “couple” of beers and some very tasty pizza (large for Chamber and small for Edenvale) were enjoyed by all at Dopio.


  1. Mark van Niekerk v. Clinton Nel: (3-2) 15-12; 13-15; 9-15; 15-7; 15-9;
  2. Bruce Bydawell v. Jeremy Eton: (3-0) 15-6; 15-13; 15-12;
  3. Paul Fallon v. Terry Lawrenson: (3-0) 15-10; 15-6; 15-8;
  4. Nick Papa v. Peter Wilson: (3-0) 15-5; 15-12; 15-10.

Match result 16-2.

Nick Papatheodorou
(Let please! Is a Greek registered trademark and unauthorised use is liable to execution by the Greek Mafia!)

Match score: 16 - 2