7th League vs. Wits

Another good win for the 7th against Wits!

16 -5

At 1 - Duncan played against Udo Bergmann and klapped him 3-1. Duncan (again) displayed clinical and precise squash and continues with his good form (I am guessing as I was marking on the next court).

At 2 –Manie played Dhiren Parbhoo and scraped through 3-2. Another case of Same Old.

At 3- Stuart played Steven? Gouws and won 3-2. After two games Stuart was down 2-0, looked (and sounded) down and out against a very cunning opponent but…. Stuart asked advise, went back ignoring all the advise offered. Set out to prove the advisors wrong and did exactly that. Excellent win.

At 4-Jaques played Marcel Malherbe and won 3-0. Game was a lot closer than suggested by the results, but Jacques did what was required when it was required and ended on top.

Our second 16 pointer for this half (and the season) celebrated with? - Coke and Energade – It is Wits remember.


Not The Scribe

Match score: 16 - 5