5thth League vs Bryanston

(2) Feathers got in early but found the going tough against Quinton Woods. Still feeling the after effects of a heavy weekend in Nelspruit, Dave found it difficult to keep going after taking the first game and ran out of legs. (1-3)

(4) Flip up against the touch of Darroll Brent. As an indication of how close the game was, other than the second game, there was only 2 points between the two in three of the four games. Fortunately Flip managed to take the points that counted. (3-1)

(1) Ryan after only a week in 4th league, found himself back in 5ths. Not only back in 5ths but he had to take on the tricky Kevin de Lange. Ryan is nothing if not a fighter and it was a titanic battle that went all the way down to the wire. In the end though, Kevin was able to up his game in the final two games when it counted. (2-3)

(3) Rich up against Quinton’s youngster, Owen, knowing that he needed a 3-1 win to take it outright. This was another tight affair with Rich squeaking the first two games with a two point margin in each. Rich was down and out at 9-13 in the third when some horrible squash from Owen (and a few nicks) gifted Rich the third game and the match (3-0)

A good evening on the courts (and another result reversal from the first round) was topped off with good pizzas at Doppios.

Match result : 11 - 7