3rd LEAGUE vs Old Eds

2nd Half of the season kicked off with a home game against Old Eds on a cold night. Willem is off gallivanting in Europe.

Mike played first against Ishaam, had a good win, 3-0.

Francis played next against Craig who had amazing shots and was 2-0 up before Francis slowed him down. Francis came through and won.

Gary played next against Rob and got a hiding. (He beat Willem in the first round, but I suppose that’s no excuse.)

Jeff played last against their ringer, Mike Bester, and went 2-0 up. But that’s when Mike warmed up too and Jeff couldn’t finish.

So it went to a points count and we lost by 1 point!

Francisco: 3-2

Mike: 3-0

Gary: 0-3

Jeff: 2-3

Match Result: 8 - 10