10th OMT (Old Mans Team) vs Southern Suburbs

First on was Brian at #1 against Alex. Lost the 1st game closely at 13-15. Attacked the 2nd game with vigour & lost even more closely at 16-18! Then ran out of steam to only get 10 pnts in the 3rd0/3  

Next on was John at #3 against Tyrone. Never really got going despite the usual demonstrative gesticulations. The much younger opponent had the upper hand and was really nimble. Nevertheless, John did well to get 10 pnts in the 1st two games but only 4 in the 3rd0/3

Enter (the young) Francois MarĂ© at #4 against Manny. Been 17 years since Francois’ last league match for Standard Bank…….. Nevertheless, Francois took 2 games to get into it, getting 10 and 9 pnts respectively. Not bad. Having found his rhythm, Francois then delivered a beautiful display of well delayed shots klapping his opponent 15-7. Even though he had run out of steam in the 4th game, being seriously unfit, Francois did well to get 13 pnts in the 4th1/3

 Finally, Keith was on at #2 against Erik. Lost the 1st game very closely at 14-16. Unfortunately, his opponent then found his rhythm, Keith managing to get 10 pnts in the 2nd but only 7 in the 3rd0/3

Thanks to Francois a whitewash was narrowly avoided

Overall result: Lost 1 - 16