Country Club has a team of youngster, except for John van Heeswijk. Was like playing one of the Varsities, just at a better venue.

Gary played first against Grant. Grant was too quick and won comfortably.

Willem played next against Andrew. First match of the season for Willem and although he fought back hard, even winning a game, was no match for Andrew.

Peter played next (after forgetting his kit at home and having to go fetch it – COTY nomination), always looked like he was winning, but the youngster was just too quick.

Last up, Stan. But he brought a sore back and had to contend with the wily John. Was 2-0 down before he managed to get a game. Managed to get to 2 all and was well up in the 5th but John came back and won it.

No match for 2 weeks. Maybe we should practice.

Stan: 2-3
Peter: 0-3
Gary: 0-3
Willem: 1-3

Overall result: Lost 4-13