9th LEAGUE “SPARTANS” vs Modderfontein

A bit of a low key mood between the Spartans after last games defeat is it’s totality. But the teams jester, oops sorry the teams motivator conjured a theme of – the Rise of the Spartans – eish.  And with that we set to war against the Modderfontein crowd on home ground.

Game one Number 4.
Leslie was up against this tall German, Olaf. A bit intimidating but that is what our fitness freak likes. (for good measure he and Kobus had a 6 o clock morning worm-up game). The silliness of youth.  Well, the first game was on and a bit of a challenge, Leslie had to put in his all to win 15 – 12. Nice and loose now the Personal trainer was in his element, down the walls, front wall and back wall and took the next two games easily.
Chambers = 3
Modderfontein = 0
So far so good.

Game two Number 3.
Chris, the Captain had to save face after last week’s dismal performance. Ismail was big, big, thus making it so much the easier for the Captain. A, ha. Mistake made by zillions before him. Ismail did not have to move, he had wrists, wrists I tell you. A mere flick of the wrist and the Captain is miles away from the ball.  After the first game defeat his loyal and trusted team members helped him with golden advise – keep the ball away from him, tight against the side walls. Now I have it, but what is wrong,  a good serve and then a perfect shot into the Modderfonteins racket, a flick of the wrist and Chris might as well be playing on the court next door. And so on and so on.
Chambers = 0
Modderfontein = 3

Game three Number 2.
Vince, the summer specialist had the challenge, he had the pendulum in his hand. If he wins number one had an easier task, if he loses we are in the dwang. But not to be, he had no answer to the much younger Chris. The guy was all over Vince, too fast and furious.
Chambers = 0
Modderfontein = 3   

Game four Number = 1
Kobus the pony tailed Boertjie is no sloth. A challenge is food for him. “I will restore the Spartans honour” he murmurs as he bounces on court. But now we have Wayne, a sneaky player, done this before. Played nice squash and really had Kobus running. First game was an easy victory to Modderfontein. Kobus fought back, and with some great tight wall shot kept himself in the game, but no not that one. Two down and the Spartan was eager not to let it go, Tight, really tight and quick on the court gave Kobus the third game. Now there is breathing space. Fight on soldier, up until 14 each, and the hard work starts. 15, 16 and the wheels game of (not voluntary) for Kobus.  We could all cry with him as, after a gallant fight (some teeny weeny disagreement with the marker) he walked of the court.
Chambers = 1
Modderfontein = 3
Next time.
A lekker evening as Modderfontein jointed us for chicken livers and beers in Melville.

Overall result: Lost 4 - 12