2nd LEAGUE vs UJ

We missed Stan, all had to move up and the result wasn’t good.

Peter up first against one of the twins. Peter played good squash and was about to win when she pulled a hammie (or something) and retired hurt.

Next up was Ryan against Bradley. Ryan had a 5 or 6 point lead in each game but Bradley seemed to sneak in at the end. Games were close.

Next, Jared against Heston. Good quick squash. Also close games but Heston’s experience allowed him to just win each.

Last up Gary against Marco. Gary won the first but Marco seemed to get better with time and was too quick for Gary.

We try again next week against John van Heeswijk’s CCJ team.

Peter: 3-1
Jared: 0-3
Gary: 1-3
Ryan: 0-3

Overall result: Lost 4-13