6th A vs Bryanston

Up against the league leaders – they have one player present no 3, we have two players BigG and GG. I point to BigG and he shakes his head like those baseball pitchers when given a signal they do not agree with so me as the catcher would change the signal and go on at number 3. Up against Andre – first game was over before we started 6-15 and I see why BigG shook his head, managed to get back in the second 15-12, the third was a bit of a battle with both of us having game points luckily it ended in my favour 20-18, up in the 4th 14-11 and ready to close it down when Andre steps it up to win 17-15 so 5th and final is a real battle down 14-13 and I managed with the help of my teammates to sneak in with a 16-14  Result 3-2 to the good guys

On next is BigG (fresh from a victory last week) against Che – first game 15-5 (George pinches himself and says what happened) changes his game and goes on to lose the next two 3-15 and 5-15. Gbow goes down to have a chat and this time he does the pinching for BigG and he goes on to win it 15-11 – two each and a good game on the cards. After a few points BigG retires hurt (apparent groin pull – must have been the pinching). BigG goes for a shower and that the last we see of him, apparently he went to find a female physio to help with the groin strain before the swelling went down.  Result 2-3 to the bad guys

On at no 4 BoerG – unfortunately the backhand was not working tonight nor was anything else. Down 11-15 5-15 12 -15  Result 0-3 to the bad guys

Gbow has had a bit of a bad run so tonight was his night until they told him he was up against the youngster (16) James. GBow tried but this youngster did not understand the meaning of “that’s a winner” and hunted everything down that Gbow through at him. Unfortunately the bad run continues (John we still need help at 1) 8-15, 14-16, 11-15  Result 0-3 to the bad guys

Final 5-14  Prego rolls in the bar afterwards were pretty good while Barcelona were not so good.

Overall result: Lost 5 - 14