6th B vs Northcliff

After a rough opening salvo of matches, this was our first ‘easy’ fixture.

Louis (a.k.a Ginge #1) was in complete control of his game and looks increasingly dangerous as the season progresses. He was up against Lardus, by no means a shabby opponent, but it was ruthless out there with Louis floating around the court and driving, dropping and boasting his way to a very commanding win. Perhaps it was the presence of his better half in the gallery which made his game sparkle – in which case she’s hired on Tuesday evenings from now on. Won 3-0

Then Mark (a.k.a Ginge #2) against Kobus with neither player giving an inch of T space to the other. Despite the wrestling in the middle, there were some good points during the match – the majority of them going to Mark. Despite some slight wobbles in letting his opposite number reign in his lead in a couple of the games, Mark was never really in danger of losing this one. Won 3-0.

Next Nigel (a.k.a Ginge #3) playing Pieter. I’ve played a couple of runners in the past few weeks and this could not have been more different. Pieter was still pretty much immobilised by an old achillies injury and wasn’t moving to the front of the court for anything. Rallies weren’t long lived and anything short gave me a point. Easy-peasy. Won 3-0.

Finally Danie (a.k.a Ginge wannabe) against Kevin. The evening was already won for us, but that couldn’t be used as an excuse for Danie not to get his customary 5 setter in. Handy drops from Kevin versus the handy drives from Danie. A game of contrasting styles and providing the entertainment to round off the evening. Stamina proved Danie’s weak point and he got diminishing returns after being 2-1 up. Lost 2-3.

Thanks to the srill injured Bruce for supporting – and draining a couple of brews.

Overall result: Won 14 - 3