10th A vs Chamber 10th B

Chamber CE10 [old men]vs. Chamber CE11 [young men]
At Chamber Exiles
Wednesday, 10th April 2013

Eish! We were klapped!

No 3- Keith, switching sides [he was on loan to CE11] for this match had to play first as he had to rush home to blow out the 59 candles on his birthday cake – Happy Birthday, Keith – played Richard.  The first game was very close; 13/15 and then Keith came back strongly to win 15/9. Then ran out of steam, or maybe was too concerned about those burning candles, and lost the next two games 8/15 and 7/15.

No 1- Brian played Warwick. This was an awesome match with three games going to 16 points for a win and one to 18 points before Brian succumbed in the fifth going down 11/15. Well done guys, great match.

No 3- Paddy played Juan-Philip, who is obviously being coached by his father, Flip, and playing very good squash. Won’t be surprised to see his name in provincial squash news in the coming years! As hard as he tried, Paddy was no match for the speed and agility of youth and lost in three.

No 4- John, up against Matium, never even needed a shower after the game as he didn’t sweat at all. Easy win for Matium in three.

Well done to CE11. If a Chamber team does well in the 10th league this year it won’t be us.

Overall result: Lost 3 - 16