6th A vs Modderfontein

4 - On at number 4 hitandrunG (Jacques) – won first 15-12 and doing well to win second and then threw it away and lost 15-17, won the next then lost the 4th – so 2 each and final game which was just too much going down 14-16 – lost 2-3

3 – BigG our banker at number 3 – this was the battle of the bulge against Darryl – 1st to Darryl with some silly mistakes by bigG then he came back in the second and we thought the banker was going to kick in – but he folded instead and went down in the next two – 1-3 down

2 – GG on against Vaughn at no 2. Won the first fairly well while the second was a bit of a humdinger, a few let calls and a stroke (which Vaughn did not appreciate) and I won 17-15. Could not get a length in the 3rd and lost it 9-15. The 4th game was another humdinger Vaughn going a few points up and then me catching up, eventually 14 each and I managed to take the next point so 15-14 during the next rally I played a boast and hit him on the follow through – he never got the boast and asked for a let (which he never got) so a win at 16-14. A grumpy Vaughn did not speak to me for the next 30 min. 3-1 win.

1 – Gbow on at 1 against experienced Arnie. All we needed was this game to win the match. Unfortunately not one of Gavin’s better outings and Arnie not giving him a look. Down 0-3

Overall result: Lost 6 - 13