8th League vs. Wanderers

8th League vs. Wanderers

Three out of three! Another good win, just missing out on 16.

First on was Captain Peter F. Close first game. Scrapped in 16-14 but followed by a woeful second. He was all over the place and not focussed. Got slightly better in the third but still lost. The light switched in the fourth after saving a match point and he went on to win the last easily.  His opponent was quite emotional and offered motivating expletives such as tuck if and sh ohit (dyslexia rules OK) plus several equipment tests by slamming his racket in to the floor to analyse its strength. They are pretty strong! 3-2 up.

Mike next against a rather plump oke, Andy.  Mike was sporting a colour coordinated outfit all blue; socks, shoes, shirt and shorts, very snazzy and rumour has it, underpants to match! Quite an easy game although it was worrying the weazing breaks that Andy had. There was some debate on who would give him the kiss of life if required. Not many volunteers but fortunately not needed although there were some crowd mutterings that Mike was deliberately extending the rallies. Really! 3-0 up.

On a parallel court Stratford was annihilating Chris in borrowed shoes. From the captain no less and it has subsequently been noted, from the Saturday training session, that Peter F bought new shoes at the weekend! However it was not established whether he has donated his loaned pair to Strafford. 3-0 up.

No pressure on Nic, only needing a win for another 16. Not a good start loosing the first to Bryan but bouncing back in the second with some good chasing and elements of MVP coming through. The third was close with a couple of game points for Nic but he lost 17-15. Nic thinks this was the turning point. And he was right. Another comeback and Nic won the fourth to 12. With the match lost for Wanderers, Bryan was playing for pride and pride won. 3-2 down.

The whole team including the benched okes, Peter L and George who played a practise match at JCC joined the victorious team at Doppio for a fish pie nosh. Unfortunately the Wanderers okes did not join us; not surprising given the drumming they got!

Squash Tip of the Week
Concentrate all the time during a match, especially at the business end of a game.

Overall result: Won 14 - 5