9th LEAGUE “SPARTANS” vs Bryanston (or was it Edenvale!!!!!!!!!)

Now we have to get this right. One win and two losses. We can, we are the Boere Spartans. And drawing from the reserves the Captain finds a Boertjie Le Roux with 10 years of British soil. What more do we want. Directions maybe?? Ok, ok the Captain had it wrong,  read the schedule as Edenvale instead of home game against Bryanston. Small little error in the greater scheme of things. But now I sit with petrol claims from my loyal (see attached) siblings.

So here goes,
Game one Number 3.
Leslie was up against Sven.  Hot baby (that is now Leslie) hot I tell you. Like a racing horse in the stalls. Both have a good game and Sven takes the first, but still an open match. Second game  and Sven is all over the running Porra. 13 – 6 down for Chambers. Nou is hy kwaad en begeesterd. Hy is ten minste ons Chief motivator, en hy moet sy geld sit waar sy mond is (en die mond is groot, jong.)The third game and Leslie is fighting back, nice calculated tight shots. Game is on and after a big sweat Chambers take the game 16 – 14. Life in that Boere Spartans team still. But energy is now spent, and Leslie has no answer to the manipulating opponent. The game is too slow for him and goes down.
Chambers = 1
Bryanston = 3

Game two Number 1.
Kobus is up against Bridgitte. A sleek well trimmed fighting machine. But Kobus is committed and from the first game it is tuff. 16–18 loss to Chambers and Kobus knows that the smoking is going to work against him (again). So he takes the second by running vir alles. One each. That nicotine again and he easily goes down in the third. After doing that ‘’gooi van die lang hare’’ thing he has renewed Samson strengths and takes the fourth. Kobus is also victorious in the last game and a well deserved victory to our beloved number one.
Chambers = 3
Bryanston  = 2

Game three Number 2.
Chris is up against his last year rival Haley from New Zeeland. She beat him fair and squire in 2012 so Mr van Zyl had different plans this year. Vat hom fluffy. Fighting and hanging on the good Captain goes down in the first. But the victory plan is still there, and Chris is fighting back in the second. Kraak and there goes the 60 year old ankle. A bitter pill to swallow and he gallantly throws is the towel to the lady. Sorry team.
Chambers = 0
Modderfontein = 3   

Game four Number = 4
Andy (the import from Boksburg via London) is now our silver bullet. We need a three love win.  But all those years in a English pub is heavy on him in the first game. Matthew the Kid is playing well couched squash and takes the first game.  But the Motivator did his job well and Andy is indebted to the team. He is THE Chuck Norris you know. Second is Chuck’s and so the third. But by now the Captain is looking for the medics. Andy is playing his lungs out, literary and figurely. But allas he takes the third and Chambers wins the game.  
Chambers = 3
Braynston = 1

A great evening . 2-2 in matches…….but a loss in games.
Thanks guys.

Overall result: Lost 11 - 7