7th League vs. Modderfontein

Playing at number 4, Ben took on Mark for our first challenge.
The first game looked like it would be easy but Mark appeared
to have the edge. The second game came down to close finish
with long rallies but Mark took it 17 - 15.
The last game was a doozy.
Ben had some excellent shots and runs but Mark proved to be
the better player. 0:3

Next up Herkie vs. Mike. Mike proved to be a sneaky player.
Mike took the first but Herkie came back for the second,
third, fourth with great bounds of skill that we come to expect. 3:1

Lyal came in strong & running his heart out against Gregory,
Pulled out a 5 setter to take it 3:2.
More running than necessary but victorious. 

Brennan was up against powerhouse Herman who hammered
the ball during warm up. Challenging his power hits the during warm up I
took the strategic route and slowed the game down to a crawl to take it 3:0. 

Victory for the 6c league team.  3:1
Sorry 7th league. 

Overall result: Won 12 - 6