6th B vs Bryanston

In our match against the first Bryanston side (the log leaders), we narrowly avoided a 16 pointer. Now, against the second side (who had beaten their first side the previous week), it was marginally better. It was an evening of extremes with no ambivalent performances – either thrashing or being thrashed and, with a second court available, all games were finished by 8:15...

Louis on first in a continuation of the form that he’s been gaining. He played Craig – a slow mover, but tricky player. In the first two games Louis was several points behind, but showed poise to limit the mistakes and come back. Minor blip in the third game, but he was clinical in the fourth to seal the win. 3-1 up.

Next up, Mark against  co-engineer Dougan. It was looking woeful in the first as Mark was 13-2 down. The tides turned as Mark fought his way back unbelievably to 13 all. It would have been the come-back to top all come-backs, but a couple of nicks for Dougan sunk Mark as he finally lost 16-14. Seems the effort in the first game cost Mark as he wasn’t able to mount a serious challenge for the rest of the match. Lost 0-3.

Then, on parallel courts with matches that were mirror images of each other it was Nigel vs Joseph and Danie vs Ian. Here the contrasts were plain with Nigel being the annihilee and Danie the annihilator. No way I could keep up with Joseph – I’m guessing that he tests the new high energy products for Red Bull prior to his league games. At the same time as I was feeling the wrath of Joseph’s racquet, Danie was teaching Ian a lesson on the other court. If Louis had been clinical, then Danie was surgical. Ian had no reply , with Danie picking the right shots at the right time and executing brilliantly. This all culminated in a 0-3 loss for Nigel and 3-0 win for Danie.

Early night for once and there was ample time for beer and burgers at the Baron.

Overall result: Lost 6 - 9