4th B (DEFINITELY NOW IN NAME ONLY) vs Chamber A (in name only ha ha ha)

This was the perfect local derby. Every match went to 5 and it finished level at 2-2 with 8 points separating the 2 teams. Originally we were going to play 6 against 6 and draw the 4 matches to count out of the hat. Unfortunately 2 of the A team (in name only) feigned injury and business commitments respectively so a normal 4 vs 4 ensued with Ron and Fergus playing a friendly (only Ron wasn’t very friendly)

Silver Fox against Chris was always going to be a 5-setter (we have never, never, never, played anything but a 5-setter against each other in the last 20 years). I made the crucial mistake of picking up a triple bounce at the end of the 4th – it’s not my fault that the marker was blind!!!). This made Chris see red and he powered to victory in the 5th.

Simultaneously young Kyle played Ryan and the poor little rubber ball was sent fizzing round the court at great velocity with Kyle matching Ryan’s power (no mean feat, that) and playing his best match of the season. All the games were extremely close except for 2 that Kyle won 15-11 and they proved to be crucial in the count-out. Youth triumphed and Kyle won 15-12 in the 5th.

Next was Rich against Vevek. Rich raced into a 2-0 lead losing only 14 points in the process. This was going to be an easy 3-0 but Vevek is made of steel this season and wasn’t going to lose his unbeaten record – he won the next two losing only 15 points. So into the 5th and Richard pulls ahead to lead 14-11 but again Vevek pulls back, levels and wins the 5th 16-14.

That left Nick to play Flippie to decide the night. At 2-1 up and running well the wheels fell off and Flippie drew level with a blistering 15-6. Similar to Richard, Flip raced to a 14-11 lead and the same as Richard lost 17-15 in the 5th.

It took 20 minutes, and about 8 re-counts before the B team (in name only) was declared the winner by 8 points.

Ron and Fergus played a friendly in front of Ron’s new beau and Fergus started off by hitting 15 straight winners in the 1st game. After threatening to walk off court if he did that again, Ron gradually pulled himself towards himself and won 3-1

We re-treated to Doppios and although I offered several times to re-count the scores, there were no takers (or pullers Dave)

Overall result: Won  12- 10