7th League vs. Northcliff

The faces of the guys from Northcliff are becoming so familiar to us at Chamber; playing in most of our tournaments, it was almost like playing a home derby at an away venue. The only difference was that when we arrived they were all sitting there, staring us down, all kitted out and a little sweaty from the pre-match warm-up. I felt a touch intimidated. But we all know that the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

#3.  Crappie Cappie up against Deon, the father to the terrible twosome (Jared and Kyle), that have been a vitamin youth injection to the Chamber Club. I needed a win in order to hang onto some sort of self-respect and worth and fortunately Deon was in an obliging mood. The court was hot and the green dot ball was moving and I had to play a very contained game to keep the ball from bouncing off the back wall. Not in my nature to play a restrained game but it might be a sign of maturity that I managed this for once! Still struggling with my inability to relax before a league game – have no problem relaxing and enjoying a game socially but this league thing is getting the better of me…  (3-0)

#2. Herculean Herkie has recovered from injury and put almost the entire team to the sword at team practice and was looking to do the same to the opposition. Started off well against Paul, winning the first and was busy letting things slip in the second, one too many tricky shots and not watching the opponent play his shots sees Paul take the lead but then Paul is just too loose and Herkie comes back to win it. A stern talking to at the break and Herkie recomposes himself and takes the third with ease. Ask for a “LET PLEASE” Herkie, not a “STROKE” – even if the guy is directly in front of the ball/wall/racquet etc. (3-0)

#4. Steph, still trying to cement his fourth spot in the team line-up, starts off like he has something to prove. He takes the first with ease, perfectly measured drops and good lengths given the hot court conditions. Then he did his wobbly bit, like Mike Hunt was telling me recently that he was midway through a shot and started thinking of his vegetable garden…maybe Steph was wondering how his new batch of home-brewed beer was going to turn out? Andries was all over Steph, especially in the front of the court, taking the second. Whispers in Steph’s ear about playing line and length seem to stabilize and win him the third game and then Steph must have been wondering what medals he would win for his home-brew and how he could command the overseas market and the next thing he knew was he was eating pasta somewhere in Northcliff…what happened??? Steph should have won this one in the fourth which he let slip 14-16. (2-3)

#1. Paul now has to prove that he can also play when there is no pressure. Back at his spot at one where you never know who or what you are going to come up against – he meets Richard who is also an unconventional player who has the meanest forehand drive. Paul creates his own pressure by taking the first 17-15 and then the second 16-14. Paul loses the third but if he had asked for any number of LETS he would have cruised home. Richard had the nasty habit of popping it just past mid-court and then not clearing sufficiently enough and limiting Paul’s playing options. Paul was calm and composed and took the game away from Richard in the fourth rounding off a good night out. (3-1)

We just managed to squeeze in at the last minute to Lucio’s and had a very pleasant chow-down!

Crappie Cappie Quote: - “When you play the guys at the bottom of the log – best you beat the guys at the bottom of the log!”

Overall result: Won 14 - 4